The Power Of Micro Conversions: What They Are And Why You Need Them!

The path to a conversion has become more and more complex, spanning multiple steps, devices and platforms. Many people who run their programmatic ads in Google, Bing or LinkedIn focus primarily on the end of the pipeline – where the conversion becomes visible. This ignores what happens in the middle of the pipeline – the consideration phase.

By building a well though out framework of micro-conversions – which serve as indicators of relevance and landing page quality you will gain more insight in what ads, keywords or campaigns are resonating better with your target audience. This will give you the ability to optimize the your budget towards the keywords that have the highest likelihood of a conversion, even when the conversions itself are not yet visible.

In this case, we have set up three micro conversions that indicate that a user has some level of interest:

overview of conversions and micro conversions

1) A user returns to the website.
2) A user spends more than 1 minute on the site.
3) A user spends more than 3 minutes on the site.

TLDR: Micro- conversions are not used for automated bidding strategies, but provide a wealth of insight which you can utilize to lower your cost per action.

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Author: Marcel van der Stroom
Marcel van der Stroom has a 25 year career spanning Finance, Business Intelligence and Marketing, serving worldwide clients ranging from small to enterprise level. After a successful tenure in the high-tech industry where he was part of a 10x growth path over 15 years, he founded The PPC Doctor to help early stage companies achieve their own breakthroughs in growth.