Overview of Google Ads Services

Our approach

We believe in a personal connection with our clients and therefor we will only work with a select number of clients at a given time. We do not aspire to be a PPC-Factory, but a long-term partner who helps you achieve your organizations goals.   

Start with the foundation

The illustration that we often use to explain our approach to our clients is that of building a house. If you want the house to last, you will first have to lay a strong foundation to build on. This strong business strategy foundation is a solid understanding of your businesses goals, the value it delivers to your target market, the way the business sets itself apart from competitors. 

While most companies think about this strategy when creating the business, it is fundamental to revisit & revalidate the strategy as the market and competition can and will change over time.

Build a marketing strategy on top of the business strategy

Once it is clear what the business goals of the organizations are, a marketing strategy and associated budget can be developed. This includes the development of audience segments and personas, mapping of products & packages to these audience segments, develop the correct pricing mechanisms.   

Build Campaign Plans on top of the marketing strategy

Once the marketing goals are clear and crisp, we help you build campaign plans with realistic goals that fit in your marketing budget. This includes the selection of the right marketing channels to reach your marketing objectives, develop a content and messaging strategy for your audience segments that you are targeting. 

Execute Campaigns in line with the campaign plan 

Once the planning is finalized and approved, we can start building the campaigns in the different marketing channels that are used. This starts with setting up the relevant tracking mechanisms in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager and setting up the conversion tracking in the relevant platforms. Subsequently, we will design the ads, set the right bidding strategy and start the campaigns. 

Performance Management & Optimization

Once the campaigns are running, we will use the data to learn what works and what doesn’t. For example, your campaign can generate a lot of traffic, but not many conversions. Based on analysis of the user behavior we will determine a plan to improve the conversion rate of the traffic. We will continuously drive down your cost per conversion so that your marketing budget is able drive your objectives more efficiently. 

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