Emergency Digital Marketing Support

There are many ways to structure the support of your digital marketing activities. For some organizations, a fully outsourced approach makes sense. If you have some degree of knowledge about digital marketing, it is possible to manage paid advertising and web traffic analysis yourself. However, with a setup that is very complex, things can break, leading to low leads or a campaign that suddenly increases in cost, or tracking that doesn’t work well. 

For those situation we offer emergency support in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Looker Studio.     

“With a relatively small marketing budget, I wasn’t able to pay an agency a fixed fee every month. The PPC Doctor’s emergency support coverage provides me with the peace of mind that there is a professional that can back me up, just in case” – Kim, Marketing Manager at a Home Services company.  

What type of emergency support is available ?

We assist your in-house staff to react on and recover from common and impactful emergencies – including platform policy violations, sudden drop in ad campaign performance or misfunctioning tracking setup. It’s like having your own emergency response team for digital marketing fires and incidents – without the need for a costly agency ! 

Google Ads

Policy Violations

Unintentional policy violations can stop your campaign performance in its tracks and lead to low traffic at higher cost.  

High Cost

Leads are only good for your business if they can be acquired at the right cost. Quality issues and wrong bids can lead to high cost.  

Low Traffic

In order to generate leads, you need traffic. Sometimes traffic grinds to a halt. We help you find out why and get traffic flowing. 

Tracking Issues

Tracking is important as it will tell you what performs well and what doesn’t. We help you fix conversion tracking mishaps. 

Google Analytics

Tracking Issues

GA4 is powerful but sometimes hard to set up. We resolve tracking issues so you can understand the traffic on your site.

Attribution Issues

Attribution tells you what sources were responsible for your traffic. We fix your channel setup and source information. 

Traffic Fluctuations

If traffic from a source suddenly stops or increases, it is important to understand why. We can help you figure it out. 

Google Tag Manager

Container Setup

Google Tag Manager is an easy way to organize your tags & triggers. We fix the placement of the GTM on your website. 

Trigger Issues

With triggers and tags that are more and more complex, things can go wrong. We debug the setup and fix your tags.  

Looker Studio

Reporting Issues

Your organization relies on its reporting. If it suddenly doesn’t work properly anymore we help restore the connections. 

Data Blending

Looker Studio has enormous power when you combine multiple data sources. We help you do it the right way. 

Pricing & Packages

We offer access to expertise at accessible price points, with rates as low as $60 per hour. Download our full list of offerings and pricing below.    

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