Fact check your PPC agency

Microsoft Ads can be a great lead generation tool, if used correctly. But is your agency providing you with all the information and are they maximizing the potential of your marketing budget ? Schedule a 1-hour session with one of our experts to get an outside perspective. 

At The PPC Doctor we pride ourselves in being transparent and honesty. Unfortunately, we know from our clients that not all agencies in the market are sharing the whole picture. Our 2nd Opinion service allows you to get unbiased feedback on your PPC strategy and avoid costly mistakes.

Same Day
2nd Opinion Consult (Same Day)
199 $
per hour
48 HR
2nd Opinion Consult (48 HR Turnaround)
149 $
per hour
1 Week
2nd Opinion Consult (1 week Turnaround)
99 $
per hour

With power comes responsibility

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC in short, is a powerful lead generation tool for your business. But, unfortunately, it is also an incredibly efficient way to waste money. When you hire an outside PPC agency, you might not always get the full truth. Fortunately, we offer short second opinion video chat sessions to ease your mind or confirm your hunches.  

Full Confidentiality

Fact-checking your current PPC agency can be done completely confidential and does not require any communication between your current agency and The PPC Doctor. All we need is view access to the Google Ads account or screen-sharing via the during a live zoom call.  

Any questions?

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Is your agency not telling you the full story? Level the playing field and get a 2nd opinion.