When I speak to clients on the main metrics of Pay Per Click, the questions are often directed towards metrics that can be ‘felt’ directly in the Google Ad budget: Impressions / Clicks, Click Through Rate, Cost per Click, Total Cost.

The two elephants in the room, Conversion Rate and Cost Per Lead are often placed at a lower priority and there is hesitation to invest in this area (“we already spend so much on Ads”).

Overview of Google Ads Services

Mathematically (and business-wise) this doesn’t make sense on two levels:

1. Short-Term vs. Long-Term: Why give thousands of dollars to Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft every month while even a fraction of that spend allocated to Conversion Rate optimization could generate an increased yield of your marketing budget – for months to come.

2. Scope: Conversion Rate Optimization efforts have an impact on all the traffic that arrives at your site, whether the source PPC or not.

An example – simply said, increasing your ad budget by 10% would generate you 10% more leads – as long as you keep investing in Ads every month. Allocating that same budget to a dedicated effort of increasing your conversion rate from 10% to 12% will have lasting effects after the initial investment and give you ‘more bang for your marketing buck’ for years to come.

At the PPC Doctor, we are passionate about helping small businesses owners win big online. With a focused plan and dedicated budget it is not necessary to settle for a subpar conversion rate of your lead generation process.

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Author: Marcel van der Stroom
Marcel van der Stroom has a 25 year career spanning Finance, Business Intelligence and Marketing, serving worldwide clients ranging from small to enterprise level. After a successful tenure in the high-tech industry where he was part of a 10x growth path over 15 years, he founded The PPC Doctor to help early stage companies achieve their own breakthroughs in growth.