“It was working fine, but then things went south” or “without any reason, my impressions and conversion rate went haywire”.

I hear this a lot from small business owners who rely on their paid advertising campaigns to create a consistent, predictable lead flow. A diminishing lead flow from your most important channel can be frustrating at best, but threaten business continuity at worst !

Here in Arizona, we have the 5 C’s – Copper, Cattle, Climate, Citrus and Cotton (but I would argue that we should add chttps://www.axios.com/local/phoenix/2023/03/02/phoenix-semiconductor-chips-tsmc-intel-asmhips as the 6th one).

Today, I introduce to you the 3 C’s of Campaign Performance issues:

1. Changes in Customer Behavior
2. Changes in Competitor Behavior
3. Changes in Channel Behavior

If you want your campaigns to perform at the highest possible levels, any changes require a response. Are you ready to get your campaigns back on track ? Schedule a free consultation today.



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