Build A Solid Strategic Foundation For Your Paid Media Efforts

Paid Digital Media Ads can be a great lead generation tool, if used correctly. But are you taking your complete marketing strategy into account when building a paid media campaign? Starting to advertise without a holistic strategy is a recipe for losing money. Fortunately, we have built digital marketing strategies for many companies in different industries.

Stop Guessing - Start Winning.

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC in short, is a powerful lead generation tool for your business. But, unfortunately, it is also an incredible efficeint way to waste money. However, when you build a strategy that is based on the fundementals of your business, you are set up for success. 

Why bring in an external expert to help you with your PPC Strategy?

Bring in an Outside Perspective

After looking at the same data for many months, you or your agency needs a fresh perspective. We offer that outsider insight, plus the experience of seeing what your peers & competitors do. 

Start with the Fundamentals

Our strategy is starts with two important business fundementals: your ideal client (your audience) and your service portfolio. Only after we have a solid understanding of your business we move on to the actual tooling phase.  

You are ready for the execution phase

During the Strategy Creation, we build reporting in Google Data Studio to analyze your data and set up your Analytics & Tag Manager accounts.. At the completion of the strategy phase, you will gain access and can use these reports for a weekly and monthly reporting. 

You Have Choices  - Why Choose Us?

Fortune 500 B2B experience

This ain't our first rodeo - we are not fresh out of school but can build on a solid > 25 year career in Finance & Marketing and have worked with many Fortune 500 companies. We understand how B2B works. 

We Will Never Stop Learning For You

While we build on the experience in the corporate world, our experts have masters degrees in Digital Audience Strategy and are up to date on the relevant Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn certifications. We spend a big chunk of our day doing just that - learning. 

We charge for results - not hours.

Pay Per Click campaigns can take up a big chunk of your marketing budget. We understand that when you select an agency, you do not want to pay for the time we invest, but for the results we bring. Our PPC Management services have pricing options based on our performance.

"The underlying fundament for every succesful client / agency relationship is trust. At The PPC Doctor, we thrive when our clients thrive. By aligning our goals with our clients goals, we know we are doing the right things for our clients"

Marcel van der StroomMarcel van der StroomFounder, The PPC Doctor

Start Winning Today!

Every great journey starts with one small step. Take that first step today and schedule a free consultation with one of our Google Ads Experts. 

Stop Guessing - Start Winning