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Destination Policy Update October 2022

If you are managing your Google Ads Account closely, you might have seen this – Google Ads will be starting to enforce an updated ‘Destination Requirement Policy’ that checks if your landing pages to be in line with the standards set by the Coalition For Better Ads.

As an advertiser, you don’t want to be in violation of Googles policies as it can lead to a lower ROI or worse, a complete suspension of your account.

The new update means that ads that are directed to landing pages with experiences that conflict with the CFBA’s standards run the risk of disapproval (or lower ad rank):

  • Destinations that unnecessarily difficult or frustrating to navigate (confusing your user is not good for your conversion rates anyway…)
  • Destinations that initiate a direct download from the ad, like a PDF without the users explicit intent, or an automatically starting of a video.
  • Destinations that have what Google calls ‘abusive experiences’ which can include anything from fake messaging to old school mouse pointers showing you where to click.

At The PPC Doctor we help our clients navigate the Google Policy Framework to build efficient, profitable ad campaigns. Want to learn more ? Schedule a free consultation now!